Comment Guidelines and Ethics for IJP Open

Be aware that once posted your comment will appear on IJP Open immediately, without moderation.

Comments posted on IJP Open will be made immediately accessible to the author and anyone who logs on. It is therefore important that you address the ethical considerations (see below).

Papers on IJP Open are removed after 8 months from submission. Comments on papers will also be removed. To encourage active and accountable communication between readers, comments should be signed and should not be anonymous.

General considerations

Your role as reader is of course different to that of a formal reviewer. A comment therefore does not have to consist of a full length, extensive review. We welcome any thoughts and reflections aimed at extending the dialogue. You may wish to include (but are not required to) any of the following:

Are the aims of the working paper clearly established?

Are the aims explored in the rest of the working paper?

Is the argument clear?

Are points clearly substantiated?

Does the clinical material convincingly illustrate the argument put forward by the author?

How is the clinical material used in relation to the theoretical material?

Does the author engage with the important literature in the field?

What does the working paper add to the area compared with already published material?

Is the style clear?

Ethics and good practice

Readers have a responsibility to adhere to the function of carefully commenting on a paper. This means that readers should not write in a way that could appear offensive, inflammatory, inappropriate, or patronising. The Editors of the IJP retain the right to take down any comments that could cause offense after they have been posted.

Readers should contact the editorial office immediately if they have any concerns about a paper or a comment.

Please note that comments must be signed

We look forward to reading your comments and your participation in this international conversation.

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