Reviewer Guidelines for IJP Open

Reviewers play a central role in assisting the editor with deciding which papers to publish, based upon a rigorous evaluation of their validity and quality.

The advice of reviewers is essential and always appreciated, even when the editor's final decision differs from the recommendation. Authors also benefit from the constructive criticism they receive from reviewers and will often make substantial improvements to their papers based upon these comments.

Reviews for first submitted working papers only will be posted on IJP Open. If your review is to appear on IJP Open, you will receive notification of this in your invitation to review email. The Associate Editor responsible for the working paper that you are reviewing will post your review on IJP Open after all the reviews for that paper have been received. You will not need to post the review yourself. All reviews of a paper will be posted on IJP Open simultaneously.

Please note that reviews posted on IJP Open will be blinded and they will be made accessible to the author and registered readers. We therefore ask you to carefully address the following guidelines for reviews posted on IJP Open:

Only write ‘Comments to the Author’. Do not write ‘Comments to the Editor’.

Only write comments on the report. Do not write decisions (e.g. Reject, Accept, Major Modify).

Ethics and good practice

Please write in good English and write a full review. Reviews that are only a few lines should not be posted. Visit Reviewing for the IJP

Write in a clear style, commenting on issues such as clarity of aims and argument, use of clinical and theoretical material, use of secondary literature, and whether the working paper is adding something to the existing literature.

Clearly substantiate your points – please do not simply state opinions.

Reviewers have a responsibility to adhere to the function of carefully reviewing a working paper. This means that reviewers should not write in a way that could appear offensive, inflammatory, inappropriate, or patronising.

The Editors ofthe IJP retain the right to take down any reviews that could cause offence after they have been posted.

Reviewers should contact the editorial office immediately if they have any concerns about a paper or a review.

Without the hard work of reviewers the high standards of scholarly work could not be maintained. We thank you for your ongoing work for the IJP, which we value enormously.

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