IJP Open Conditions

IJP Open is an online site for working papers. The articles on the site do not constitute final ‘publication’.

In most fields, it is now standard for authors to publish working papers in advance of being accepted in mainstream journals; accordingly, IJP Open provides a unique opportunity for a high level international discussion of papers in their first submitted version.

Devoted to the rapid worldwide dissemination of psychoanalytic thought and research, IJP Open encourages readers to communicate directly with authors.  

The submitted paper will be indexed as soon as it has been received by IJP Open. The copyright of the working text is retained by the author, so that, in the event that a paper was not selected for publication in the International Journal, it could be submitted elsewhere in a similar or modified form [See Terms and Conditions].

Ideas and research develop in dialogue and new technologies enable this dialogue to be rapid, transparent and open. All authors are warmly welcome to be part of this first time, unique opportunity, to benefit from a fast dissemination of their ideas and rapid feedback from colleagues around the world.