Concept and aims

IJP Open is a new type of discussion site in psychoanalysis.

It adopts an open approach to the peer review process, making working papers and reviews freely available to all and enabling the wider community of readers to contribute to the discussion. It is also open to multiple languages, with working papers and comments posted in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese, developing communications between different cultural schools of thought.
The basic aims of IJP Open are:

Free: Anyone can register free and have access to reading and downloading working papers.

Open Assessment: The traditional peer review process is supplemented by an open peer review process in which the community of active thinkers from all over the world can read papers and reviews. 

Open Discussion: Any registered user who wishes can comment on papers and authors can respond. Authors can also respond to the formal peer reviewers in the comment section.

Speed and Citations Working papers which have been identified as sufficiently promising for a referee process will be made available on IJP Open within two weeks. Authors can have their work read and discussed almost immediately. Thus, new ideas will find their way into the psychoanalytic and scholarly community very rapidly. This will aid high citation records for working papers which become Journal papers. Those papers selected for publication in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis will have been read long before in an early version, giving a greater chance of citation to the final Journal publication.

Working papers: Working papers on IJP Open will not be indexed on PEP and will not come up in searches. Papers will be removed from IJP Open after 8 months, unless a paper has been accepted within that time and the author wishes to remain on the site. IJP Open papers should not therefore be taken as ‘published papers’. The treatment of confidentiality for IJP Open is the same as for the IJP: editors vet papers, and any problematic papers do not appear on the site.

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