IJP Open at a glance

The process is simple:
1. Authors upload their first submitted paper  to the IJP as usual (see author guidelines). The first submitted paper will be considered a working paper.

2. The Editors either accept or reject the submission for the IJP peer review. Once the paper is accepted it will be posted on IJP Open within two weeks of submission, unless the author has chosen to opt-out of open peer review. The working paper will not be posted anonymously unless the author chooses this option.

3. The working paper will then be open for comment by registered readers. The comment function will remain open until the formal peer review process is complete.

4. Formal referee reports will be posted usually within 5 weeks. Referee reports will be anonymous.

5. The author is encouraged to respond to reviews and comments.

6. The Editorial decisions and subsequent peer review process will take place offline. IJP Open is a discussion site for and the open peer review of papers in their first submitted version . Only first submissions, to be considered working papers, will appear online, along with the first formal reviews and comments. Once the review process for a paper is complete, the editorial decisions, the further development and selection of papers will continue as now outside IJP Open.

7. The working paper and reviews will be removed from the IJP Open site after 8 months from submission. The papers will not be indexed on PEP and will not be searchable..

8. Final versions of accepted papers will appear in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis as usual. Referencing will be to this final version.

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